Who is NIS?


New Interactive Solutions (NIS) was formed in 2000 with the express intent to assist companies’ lower IT costs while improving application performance through Server Based, Virtualization and Thin Client Technologies.  When others were just discussing virtualization, NIS was already deploying virtualization technologies and has been involved in some of the largest virtual application deployments in the US.  In partnership with Citrix HP and Wyse, NIS has become one of the most respected, experienced and THE leader in Application, Desktop and Server Virtualization in the State of Louisiana.  And NIS can provide services throughout the US with out NIS Reseller Network.  Currently NIS has over 150 certified techs and SE strategically located throughout the US.  NIS is able to supply Guaranteed Response times in most of the US and can supply 24/7 support on mission critical systems.


For three years running NIS has been the # 1 Citrix Reseller in the State of Louisiana and when it comes to application delivery, our mission is to assist our customers in delivery of their applications to their employee’s in a fast, efficient, secure manner and at the lowest cost possible.  NIS is proud to represent companies such as Citrix, Microsoft, HP, Wyse, AppSense, Stratus and other leading High Availability, Thin Client, Fault Tolerant and Virtual SAN & Server partners.


Basically, NIS specializes in "application delivery" and applications are really the reason IT exists.  And Application Delivery isn't just an item we sell, service or implement - but rather it’s at the CENTER of every engagement and the CORE of every solution we sell.  NIS understands that cost efficient, available and flexible application delivery is essential to your existence.  We believe no one can provide the experience in Virtual & Thin Technologies, (whether Application, Desktop or Server) along with the volume discounts like NIS.  Whether you're deploying one server or a new Datacenter - one app or a hundred, you can call NIS at 800-269-2759 and ask to speak to one of our "seasoned" SE's at no charge.  We welcome the challenge and would like to assist in your application delivery mission.



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