New Interactive Solutions partners with leaders in Virtualation.


First and foremost New Interactive Solutions partners with success when it comes to IT.  Additionally, NIS understands that an end to end application delivery solution is much more critical in today’s IT world and just offering a “one trick pony” to our customer isn't as good as a successful consolidated approach.   Therefore, NIS has not only partnered with successful manufacturers but ones that help us complete our "end to end approach" or "From Datacenter to Desktop" ideal of providing the most comprehensive, cost effective and proficient application delivery systems.  Yes, your network is important, but if your network is 'up" while applications are "down" it doesn't solve your problem.   And our goal in partnering isn't motivate by "selling" (who sells what) but rather "solution" (who solves what).   At NIS, we have become The leader in Application Delivery in the State of LA and want to extend our thanks to the partners listed on this page for helping us to become who we are today.

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